Slalom @ Loveland

Let it Snow

Cloudgate spends a day with the SWSC Snowboard Race Team at Copper Mountain

We are Cloudgate

"It is possible to fly without motors,
but not without knowledge and skill."
- Wilbur Wright

Life's Abundance

See Cloudgate in action on a recent session for Life's Abundance with veterinarian Dr. Sarah & dog, Alma...

Sweeps & Sculls

Cloudgate goes rowing...

Cloudgate Aerial Cinematography specializes close-range low-altitude aerial video production for commercial production, action sports, outdoor events and real estate. Our team consists of film makers with decades of experience flying both commercial aircraft and radio controlled aircraft. We use state of the art octocopter flying platforms (what many refer to as “drones”) with 3-axis camera stabilization to capture incredible videos and photos.


20 years film production experience PLUS 30 years experience with remote controlled aircraft.


Award-winning cinematographers & a 9-time national remote-controlled sailplane champion.


FLYSAFE Certified
Fully Insured
GPS Failsafe Systems


Multirotor aircraft with a wide selection of cameras & lenses independently controlled via 3-axis support systems.

Blayne Chastain

Blayne Chastain has been flying remote controlled aircraft for over 30 years. In addition to being our chief pilot, he is also a member of Team Horizon Hobby / Spektrum.  He is a 9-time national rc sailplane champion and now brings those same skills to single and multi-rotor helicopters for film work.

Blayne is also an internationally acclaimed musician with his bachelors from Berklee College of Music (guitar) and masters from the University of Limerick (Irish flute). He regularly records and performs and also teaches online via

Having lived mostly in major cities (Hollywood, CA / Boston, MA / Nashville, TN / Limerick, Ireland) Blayne and his wife Deborah and two kids (Erin & Grady) now call Colorado “home”.

Phil van Drunen

Philip has a degree in film and video production and entertainment business from FullSail University. He currently works full time as a website developer for Project Ricochet, a agency located in California.

Phil brings his love for flying things, robotics, and film making to the CloudGate team.

Jem Moore

Jem Moore has a broad array of experience and skills that have culminated to bring a unique perspective to aerial cinematography. Jem was a professional musician for over twenty years and recorded over 15 albums before being called into the air–first in a hang glider and then as a commercial jet pilot.

He started as a film maker in 2008, and has worked with classical, jazz, and traditional musicians to create compelling videos in support of their music. He is the director of the award-winning feature documentary “The Keymaster: Patrick Olwell’s Story,” and his documentary for Heartland Chamber Music Festival in 2010 won the Music Educators of America conference award for “Best Documentary”.

He is also a composer, published writer, chef, swing dancer and all around late-Renaissance to Baroque kinda guy.